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Hi, I'm Emily

Meet Emily, a passionate mental health speaker on a mission to raise awareness, promote self-care, and inspire hope.

With a powerful personal story and a wealth of professional experience, Emily brings a unique perspective to her speaking engagements and delivers practical insights and tools that help audiences prioritize their mental wellness.

Learn more about Emily and her journey towards mental health advocacy on her.
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Emily Banks sitting on chair
"Emily was an absolute joy to work with. She brought a powerful and authentic message to our conference on mental health, and our attendees left feeling inspired and empowered to take action. Emily is a talented speaker who knows how to connect with her audience and deliver meaningful insights that truly make a difference."
Sasha Brown
"Emily is an exceptional mental health speaker who knows how to connect with her audience and deliver meaningful insights that truly make a difference. She brings a refreshing and authentic approach to her message, leaving attendees feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with practical tools to manage their wellbeing. Emily's expertise and passion for the subject matter shine through in her delivery, making her an outstanding choice for any event focused on mental health."
Testimonial Giver
"Attending Emily's mental health workshop was an incredibly transformative experience for me. Her authenticity and passion for the subject matter shone through in every aspect of the workshop, making it easy for me to connect with her message and feel empowered to take positive steps towards managing my own mental health. Emily's insights were not only informative, but also actionable, providing me with practical tools and strategies that I still use to this day. I would highly recommend Emily's workshops to anyone looking to learn more about mental health and wellbeing."
Workshop Attendee

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Some of Emily's most popular speaking topics include:
Emily on stage
Overcoming Adversity:
In this talk, Emily shares her own experiences of facing significant challenges and offers insights into how to build resilience and cope with adversity.
Grief and Loss:
Drawing on her own experiences of losing loved ones, Emily offers guidance and support for those who are coping with grief and loss.
Finding Hope:
Emily discusses the importance of hope in the face of mental health challenges and provides practical tips for cultivating a hopeful mindset.
Supporting Mental Health:
Emily provides insights into how friends, family members, and colleagues can support those who are struggling with mental health issues.